Personal Insurance Services

The best-laid plans for a financially comfortable and fulfilling life can be disrupted by unanticipated events.  At Regal Wealth Advisors, we believe in mitigating the risk of such disruptions in our clients’ lives by providing prudent, cost-effective personal insurance guidance and solutions.

Mitigating risk through insurance.   Protecting yourself and those who depend upon you from the negative consequences of an unplanned life event is a key element of prudent, comprehensive financial planning.  At Regal Wealth Advisors, we bring to each client's unique circumstances over 60 years of expertise and experience with personal lines of insurance:

  • Life – term or permanent (universal, indexed, and whole life)
  • Long-term disability – individual, business overhead, and key-person
  • Long-term care – stand-alone policies, as well as long-term care riders to life insurance policies and annuity contracts 

An independent firm benefits youAt Regal Wealth Advisors, we are not required or unduly influenced to use a particular insurance carrier or form of coverage.  As an independent firm with no “parent” to satisfy, we can evaluate the entire universe of available insurance carriers, programs and strategies, and recommend to our clients the ones we believe are “best-in-class” solutions.  As a result, each client receives the most appropriate and cost-effective protection from the risk being insured against.

Preliminary-underwriting is essential to successIn our experience, many insurance agents do not have an in-house underwriter - so they will take an application, whether for life, LTD or LTC coverage, and directly submit it to a carrier for a quote.  This is a gross disservice to their client.  Once an application has been submitted in such a fashion, the insurance company's underwriters form an initial impression regarding an applicant’s health and the associated risk of claim.  A positive change to that first impression may be difficult to achieve.  At Regal Wealth Advisors, we invest the time and do the homework up front – we employ our own internal underwriting professionals - to ensure that when an application is ultimately submitted to the preferred insurance carrier, that it will be presented and received in the best possible light.  This up-front investment of time and resources by Regal on behalf of your insurance application helps ensure that you obtain the desired and appropriate coverage at the most cost-effective premium possible.  We can credit our inhouse preliminary-underwriting to helping save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in premiums, in addition to achieving placement of coverage under circumstances that others deemed “uninsurable”.

Life Insurance - Policy Audit & Review Service.  Do you have a term,  universal, or whole-life policy issued more than 10 years ago?  As with most financial contracts, life insurance policies are subject to change and perform differently in different economic cycles.  The biggest misconception is that life insurance does not change once issued, or is otherwise a static financial instrument.  Feel free to reachout - we perform our Policy Audit & Review Service on a complimentary basis.  We will analysis the underlying performance of your current policy and its actual effectiveness in meeting your goals.   Upon completion of our analysis, we will communicate our findings to you clearly, cutting through convoluted insurance-speak and complex policy illustrations.

Let's talk.  We welcome the opportunity to review your personal insurance strategy as well as coverage risks, and share our professional guidance and expertise with you.