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December Newsletter

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family well.  It seems as if this is always the best time of year for celebrating with family and friends.  We hope you enjoy the holiday season, and we all look forward to a happy, healthy and hopefully prosperous 2023.

As we look back on the 2022 investment year, it was a difficult landscape, but we are excited about the future and feel comfortable with how our client’s investments are allocated.  The reason we deploy funds into different sectors and investment models is to help diversify market risk and soften volatility.  Technology stocks and funds had a very difficult year, but energy, healthcare and some large value companies had a much better year.  It is difficult to predict which sectors and markets will do the best in any given time period and that is why we take our approach.

This year has also seen a significant increase in interest rates after many years of virtually zero percent federal interest rates.  The last time we saw an increase of this magnitude was back in 1994.  Our expectation is that as the government softens its approach to interest rate hikes, the bond market should return to normal values and benefit from a recovery.  In the meantime, there has been a big uptick in interest that banks are now paying on cash via high interest savings accounts or CDs. We encourage you to inquire with your local bank or ask us for assistance if you need help.  Through LPL, we have access to many bank CDs, making the process easy for our clients to find the highest rates and diversify across banks to insure FDIC protection.

Here at Regal we are excited about 2023.  Please see the picture below of all of us at our recent visit to Myrtle Beach for our holiday dinner.  We have been working diligently this year to improve the way we interact with our clients and plan on introducing several new things in the new year.  Our upgraded website will make it easier for clients to log into their accounts, join video conferences and schedule meetings with an advisor at their convenience. We are also working on a more secure and convenient statement delivery method.  We will debut our social media platform in early 2023 that will allow clients to follow the firm and to get access to important and sometimes fun information. 

Thank you for another year of your business and trust.  We cherish the relationships with our clients and take the responsibility of managing your assets and financial plan very seriously.  Best wishes again for a very happy holiday season.


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