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Our History

Our History

Our firm was founded by our two managing directors, Michael McCarthy and Andrew Pincus, almost 20 years ago. Both shared a common philosophy of providing personalized, client-centered service. They recognized that at the time, many financial advisors were building portfolios by selling commission-based products, which they believed created a conflict of interest and resulted in advisors promoting the products that generated the highest commissions rather than those that were in the best interests of the client. They decided to start Regal Wealth Advisors to form a group that was a pioneer in the independent financial advisor model. Under this model, Regal Wealth Advisors charges clients an advisory fee and focuses on finding the best solutions for them, rather than promoting commission-based products. They remain committed to this model today, which enables them to keep their client's best interests at the forefront of the practice. Both Michael and Andrew strive to form deep relationships with their clients and their families, going beyond planning and advice. 

In addition to being business partners Michael and Andrew are long-time friends. Although both are located in different states, they make it a priority to get together several times a year to enjoy their shared interest of outdoor adventures.